Congratulations to our award winners!

The club’s end of year presentations took place on the 11th November at the Mandurang South Pony Club. Many club members and their families came together to enjoy socialising, a delicious lunch and a fun score-O. Together we congratulated the winners of this year’s awards:

Open Mens
1st: Ben Goonan
2nd: Richard Goonan
3rd: Andrew Wallace

Open Womens
1st: Clare Brownridge
2nd: Julie Flynn
3rd: Ilka Barr

Mens B
1st: Andrew Cameron
2nd: Charles Brownridge
3rd: Michael Loughnan

Womens B
1st: Leisha Maggs
2nd: Jenny Ball
3rd: Caitlyn Steer

Junior Men
1st: Amos Walz
2nd: Archie Neylon
3rd: John Steer

Junior Women
1st: Serryn Eenjes
2nd: Isobel Byrne
3rd: Ebony Naunton

Sub-Junior Boys
1st: Xavier Ough
2nd: Jack Barianos
3rd: Hugo Byrne

Sub-Junior Girls
1st: Charlotte Ough
2nd: Clementine Neylon

Vera Shelton Award
Lorraine Leversha

Golden Leg
Peter Searle

Ping-Pong Lotto Score-O
Clementine Neylon

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