Submit your nominations for these special awards

If you weren’t quite fast enough to be in contention for a series championship trophy this year don’t worry as there are a few other awards up for grabs. These will be awarded to their worthy recipients at our presentations in November. Please submit your nominations to Andrew Wallace if you consider yourself or another member to be a candidate for one of these awards. The winners will be decided by a vote at the presentations.

Black Crow

The Black Crow award is a tribute to lack of thought. Its winner is guilty of the most hilarious/embarrassing/dumbfounding act of orienteering related silliness for the year.

Golden Leg

This is awarded to a course setter who provides a finely balanced combination of difficulty, enjoyment and route choices in the best course leg for the year.

Noodle Award

Have you ever spent ages searching for a control? If you were wearing a GPS at the time your trace might look a bit like a bowl of noodles. This award is for the unfortunate orienteer with the most noodle-like GPS trace.


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