Results 2018

DateEvent NameEvent TypeResultsSplitsTBT
25-Nov-18PAS#1 BendigoFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
11-Nov-18Bendigo PresentationsFoot orienteering
03-Nov-18CANCELLED - Twilight 3 Hour - Marong ForestsFoot orienteering
27-Oct-18Bendigo Twilight 2 - Ironstone HillFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
20-Oct-18Bendigo Twilight 1 - Rocky RisesFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
13-Oct-18Bendigo 1 hour - Mandurang CoolibahFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
06-Oct-18Bendigo - Mahers-Barr Cup at Myers CreekFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
29-Sep-18Bendigo Short - Norfolk HeroFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
22-Sep-18Bendigo Bush Classic 17 - Fiddlers GreenFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
15-Sep-18Bendigo Bush Classic 16 - Bullock TrackFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
08-Sep-18Bendigo Rocks 3 - Mt TarrengowerFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
01-Sep-18Bendigo Bush Classic 15 - Peter the Great GullyFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
25-Aug-18Bendigo Bush Classic 14 - Sedgwick SouthFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
18-Aug-18Bendigo Bush Classic 13 - Pilchers Bridge CentralFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
11-Aug-18Ian Johnson's 90th Birthday Micr-O on BlackJack GullyFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
04-Aug-18Bendigo Bush Classic 12 - Pilchers Bridge NthFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
28-Jul-18Bendigo Bush Classic 11 - One Tree HillFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
22-Jul-18Grand Tour of Bendigo Urban MiningFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
21-Jul-18Bendigo Frantics - Birds Reef Foot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
14-Jul-18Bendigo Bush Classic 10 - Sedgwick NorthFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
07-Jul-18Bendigo Bush Classic 9 - Upper CrusoeFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
01-Jul-18Koolamurt - Girton - AllFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
30-Jun-18Bendigo Bush Classic 8 - Lyell ForestFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
23-Jun-18Bendigo Rocks 2 - Kooyoora GulliesFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
16-Jun-18Bendigo Bush Classic 7 - Mosquito CreekFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
02-Jun-18Bendigo Bush Classic 6 - Smiths ReefFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
26-May-18Bendigo Bush Classic 5 - Mandurang-SheepwashFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
12-May-18Bendigo Bush Classic 4 - Diamond Hill NorthFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
05-May-18Bendigo Bush Classic 3 - Diamond Hill SouthFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
28-Apr-18Bendigo Night Champs 2018 - Dead Bullock GullyFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
21-Apr-18Bendigo Rocks 1 - Korong SpurFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
14-Apr-18Bendigo Bush Classic 2 - Kangaroo GullyFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
07-Apr-18Bendigo Bush Classic 1 - Wildflower DriveFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
14-Mar-18Koolamurt - Girton RileyFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
13-Mar-18Koolamurt - Girton FrewFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
08-Mar-18Storm FNCFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
08-Mar-18Koolamurt - Girton JonesFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
08-Mar-18Koolamurt - Girton MillwardFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
07-Mar-18Koolamurt - Girton AherneFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
05-Mar-18Koolamurt - Girton JenkinsFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
04-Mar-18PAS Award nightFoot orienteering
04-Mar-18Heathcote HagabyFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
25-Feb-18PAS #5Foot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
18-Feb-18PAS #4Foot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
17-Feb-18BendiGo ToDayFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
11-Feb-18PAS #3Foot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
04-Feb-18PAS #2Foot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
04-Feb-18Fowl and Fizz - Score and SGMFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
03-Feb-18Eaglehawk FNCFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
21-Jan-18PAS #1Foot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
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