• Bendigo Orienteers would like to acknowledge and pay respects to the traditional owners, the Dja Dja Wurrung people, whose country we are on and extend our respect to their Elders, both past and present.

Sedgwick North Bush O event 11th May

A cool but fine day saw about 70 entries for this event set by Ted Van Geldermalsen.

The area used was in the north end of the Sedgwick forest. Ted set some very interesting courses – the harder courses involved a long leg that had competitors choosing different routes.

  • Course 1 was won by Bruce Arthur followed by his son Torren, with David Brownridge 4th – being the best from our Bendigo club.
  • Course 2 was won by Sophie Taverna, followed by Shayne Hill.
  • Isobel Byrne won course 3 with her mother Jacqui close behind.
  • Xavier Ough won course 4 with John Wilkinson 2nd and Akira Hill 3rd.
  • Course 5 saw Kim and Jemma Carter 1st, with Bendigo’s Mary Holland 5th, Roger De La Rosa 7th.

Thanks you to those who helped collect controls, and to Ted, for course setting/organizing.

2022 Awards

Dear members,
We had just over 20 people attended the club break-up held at The National Hotel on Thursday evening, November 17. It was good to all be in one place for a social gathering.
Aside from a good meal and conversation, a number of awards were announced. Trophies will be engraved and formally presented at the Fowl & Fizz event (further info below).

Vera Shelton Award

Vera Shelton was a club stalwart who died on One Tree Hill whilst orienteering in 1994.

This is a perpetual award determined by the club president acknowledging a club member who has gone “above and beyond” in helping the functioning of the club during the year.

This year, as orienteering in Bendigo returned to running a full program of events, many people have stepped up to get everything back and running smoothly. Of course this award could be presented to so many within the club.

There has been one notable person who, despite on-going injury, has been at most events assisting set-up, pack-up, bring in a few controls and lend friendly assistance to the increasing number of newcomers we’ve attracted through Facebook. This person has also been an integral member of the committee, offering considered opinions in the best interests of the club.

The Vera Shelton trophy was awarded to John Wilkinson.

Club Champions

Open Mens: Ben Goonan

Open Womens: Nil

Mens B: Neil Barr

Womens B: Julie Flynn

Junior Men: Charlie Wilkin

Junior Women: Lana Telford

Sub-junior boys: Leon Slater

Sub-junior girls: Bridget Slater


Noodle Award
This is presented to the club member who made the biggest mess navigating a leg during the year. This year the award was presented to Wendy Taverna (who was announced as an honorary club member) for her effort on the new Mt Egbert map from Neil Barr. It was truly a world class example of close but not close enough.
Best leg award
This is presented to the course setter who created the best course leg. Typically this is judged by the variations of routes taken by competitors. This was a close battle and awarded to Lorraine Leversha and Nola Juniper for their course at Kalimna Park.
Thank you
The Bendigo Orienteers committee want to thank you for being a member of the club in 2022 and participating in events. A special thank you to all those people who assisted event organisers pack up after events – it’s one small task which is truly appreciated by the organiser who has probably been out all morning setting everything up so participants can enjoy themselves.
Fowl & Fizz event & AGM
A quick heads-up that the first club event of 2023 will be the Peter Creely memorial Fowl & Fizz on Sunday 5 February. This is a free score event with a chicken and champagne breakfast to follow. The club AGM will also take place. We will circulate more information in the new year, but get it in your calendars now!
The AGM is always an important meeting but next year will see plenty of change in the committee. After 3 years as President Craig Feuerherdt is stepping down. The position of Treasurer is also vacant. The committee roles aren’t arduous but it is essential they are filled. If you are considering putting up your hand, take a look at the Club Responsibilities document and have a chat with an existing committee member.
Enjoy a few months off before we start all over again in February 2023!


Craig Feuerherdt
President, Bendigo Orienteers

Vale Peter Creely

It is with deep sadness that we learned of Peter Creely’s passing at 3pm Friday 3 December.

Peter was a stalwart of Bendigo Orienteers. I knew Peter since joining the club in the early 2000’s and fondly remember his enthusiasm for our sport and friendly, welcoming personality.

There is nothing Peter wouldn’t raise his hand to help with. His one true passion was Space Racing which he developed, implemented and reiterated over several years. The Space Racing program resulted in a “golden era” for our club with the Victorian junior team being almost solely comprised of Bendigo club members for several years.

His contribution to our club will never be forgotten.

On behalf of the club I extend our deepest sympathies to Peter’s family. I’d encourage you all to reach out to other club members to offer support and reminisce about Peter’s many significant contributions to the club.


Bendigo Bush events 2021

Course setters required
See the events that still require a course setter: http://bendigo-orienteers.com.au/wordpress/fixture/

Please email secretary@bendigo-orienteers.com.au  if you would like to be a course setter.


Covid requirements
QR code scanning.
From April 17 everyone attending must check-in using the QR code provided at the event. This is a Victorian Government requirement – please bring your phone to the table to scan the QR code before you run. (Internet coverage permitting)


Pre-entry in 2021
All events will be set up on Eventor for pre-entry in 2021. All members are asked to pre-enter events to reduce the burden on the course setter on the event day. The pre-entry deadline will be 6pm Friday.
Enter on the day will be available for newcomers.

From June 19 Enter on the day cost: $20. Pre-entry cost: $10.


Vale Viv McMillan

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Viv on December 13. Viv took part in many local events over the years and was a keen rogainer with daughter Katherine. Our thoughts and prayers are with Viv’s family.

Photo: Don Cherry

Viv and Katherine negotiating a punch control at the Retro 40th Anniversary event, Wildflower Drive, 2017

Pilchers Bridge South

Cool overcast conditions greeted 53 participants at today’s event organised by Bendigo Orienteers. Pilchers Bridge provides subtle spur/gully orienteering and after the recent rain, it was a pleasure to run through.

The seasoned Peter and Diane Searle were today’s organisers and made use of the terrain subtleties on the longer courses. A pace of 4:16min/km saw Patrick Jaffe take the win with Matthew Schepisi 8:54 minutes behind closely followed by Craig Feuerherdt a further 21 seconds back.

Course 2 saw 25 starters. The 5.4km course was won by Christopher Naunton in a time of 35:06. Some good competition in this course always means plenty of rivalry among participants and excellent discussions after the running has been done.

Participants on course 3 were appreciative of the course and terrain. A Goldilocks course for those in the older age groups with no erosion gullies to climb through and no steep climbs. On course for the Slater family took the win for the slowest time, however, I think they ended up the wettest and muddiest and ultimately had the most fun today.

Fundamentally we should all be driven by the fun and enjoyment of orienteering. Things go wrong. We make mistakes. But in the end, we are privileged to be out, especially in these times.

Results are available on Eventor and you can relive the event via Livelox.
Results have also been loaded onto Winsplits.

Craig Feuerherdt
President, Bendigo Orienteers
0438 050 074

MapRun your Orienteering Fix

Bendigo Orienteers now has access to some local Park Street Challenge maps, courtesy of Jimmy Cameron (thanks Jimmy!). These can be used in conjunction with the MapRunF app on your smartphone as a suggested exercise activity, while formal orienteering events are not being organised during this period.

There is an instruction sheet about the application and its use. Please read and follow this before you go any further.

We also recommended that you print a paper copy of the map, as a phone screen is hard to read when outside during daylight.

Maps archive: (handy hint: right-click PDF file and open in new tab)

Mount Kooyoora Update

As foreshadowed in a previous message advice and concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have changed markedly in the last few days. With great disappointment, Bendigo Orienteers Committee has decided on significant changes to our Local Event programme for 2020. The changes are significant but in the best interests of public health, in these difficult times. The changes are:

Bendigo Bush Classic #1: Mt Kooyoora, Saturday March 21

Orienteering will be provided this Saturday at Mt Kooyoora, but in a modified format.

The timing system (SIME) will be available only for people doing Courses 4 and 5 on the east side of the road, from 12:30 – 3:00pm. No drinking water will be provided for people attending. All participants are expected to bring their own water to be used whilst running and after running. To support social distancing during this pandemic, people re not being encouraged to congregate. Despite this, there will be a friendly volunteer to greet newcomers and provide them with support and guidance so they know what to do.

There will be 3 hard navigation practice courses (Courses 1, 2, & 3) with stands and flags only. These will be out in the terrain from Friday (20/3) to Tuesday (24/3). PDF versions of the maps for courses 1, 2, and 3 are available from the links below. If you wish to run these courses you should print out maps yourself. There will be no maps for these courses at the event. This means that experienced orienteers can visit Kooyoora at any time from Friday to Tuesday (inclusive of those days) and complete a course in their own time, using their own timing system.

Kooyoora Course 1
Kooyoora Course 2
Kooyoora Course 3

If printing maps is a problem for you, contact Julie Flynn before Friday: julieflynn@fastmail.fm

Please remember that much of Kooyoora State Park is remote; if you go out on a course on your own, you are advised to let someone know where you are going and which course you are doing, then let that person know when you have finished. It is recommended that you take a mobile phone with you. Please remember to take your own water with you; there will be no water out on the courses.

Frederic Tranchand’s training sessions on Saturday at Mt Kooyoora and Sunday at Korong Spur will continue as advertised.

Bendigo Bush Classic #2: Mt Alexander, Saturday March 28
This event has been cancelled. The courses will be used during the 2021 season.

Local Events after March 28
All Bendigo local events after March 28 have been cancelled. Members will be advised when events are reinstated.

Orienteering is something that we are all passionate about however Bendigo Orienteers believe these changes are a minor inconvenience in the current situation.

Craig Feuerherdt, President
Peter Searle, Secretary

Coronavirus Update

Dear Bendigo Orienteers,

No doubt you have all been watching the circumstances surrounding coronavirus. Things have been escalating for a few weeks and it is a forgone conclusion that the situation will get worse before it gets better. Recent interviews from several medical experts indicate that authorities aren’t doing enough to curb the spread of COVID19. While the Federal Government has implemented a ban on gatherings of 500+ people, in Austria, gatherings of 5+ people have been banned. The possibility exists that there may be a tightening of restrictions at orienteering events (some Orienteering Associations in Europe have either a 100-person limit or a total ban).

The events being held over the next two weekends at Kooyoora/Mount Korong (March 21/22) and Mount Alexander as well as Autumn Series #2 at Mount Tarrengower (March 28/29) will go ahead as planned (unless tighter bans come in to play from the government).

Given medical advice is changing almost on a daily basis, for April events and beyond, the club Committee will review the situation and make a decision at the April 6 meeting. After March 28, Bush Classic #3 is the next event and is not until April 18. Be advised that cancellations may have to be made at short notice, so keep an eye on both your email inbox as well as the Eventor site.

In the meantime, organizers are encouraged to continue as normal, planning courses and events. Although disappointing, if events need to be cancelled, the work is not lost as they can be transferred to the 2021 calendar. Orienteering Australia has developed useful guidelines for competitors and organizers that I have reproduced below. Keep in mind that some of the points listed will be relevant to large events only.

Guidance for Competitors

You must not come to any Australian orienteering event or activity if you fall into one of the following categories.
· If you are unwell with a cough or fever or other respiratory symptoms. This is particularly so for people who have recently travelled from overseas.
· If you have been a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 until 14 days after having contact with a confirmed case even if they are completely symptom free.
· If you have returned from or transited through a listed higher risk country (currently mainland China, Iran, Italy, South Korea), until 14 days after leaving the country.
· If you are undergoing COVID-19 testing until you have received your results
· If you have been advised to stay at home by a health professional.

Risk Management
Event organisers should look at opportunities to reduce the risk of close contact for orienteers, officials and volunteers:
· No drinks controls or water at start or finish for competitors. Any drinks at controls must have a volunteer stationed to ensure good hygiene or ask competitors to carry water.
· Asking competitors to bring their own hand sanitisers.
· Providing hand washing or sanitising facilities at the assembly area if possible.
· Asking all that attend to follow good hygiene practices.
· Providing refunds to those that absent themselves for health reasons
· Checking first aid kits have thermometers and emergency local contact information is known.
· No results (make available on line) or presentations at events.
· Maps will be kept by competitors following finish at all events.
· Providing some protective equipment, disinfectant and briefing to event volunteers.
· Arranging starts and finishes to allow 1m distance between people

Event organisers should draw attention to the Competition Guidance (above). And they should provide information in advance (e.g. about the personal hygiene facilities available at the event) to help people in make an informed decision as to whether to compete.

Peter Searle
Bendigo Orienteers


An invitation to a General Meeting of the club on Friday, 21st February, 2020. The sole purpose of the meeting is to discuss the crisis caused by the lack of nominations for the positions of President and Vice-President at the AGM held on February 2nd.

This is an important meeting in the life of our club and the views of all members are sought in our attempt to solve the problem and continue as a viable organization. Only a few years ago the club celebrated its 40th anniversary. After a proud history of involvement in school activities, mapping, technology, and organizing events large and small, it would be a disaster for the club and orienteering in Victoria if we ceased to exist.

Date and Time: Friday 21st February, 7:30pm
Venue: Strathdale Community Centre, Crook Street, Bendigo
Item of Business: To consider the vacancies on the Committee of President and Vice-President
Quorum: A quorum of 10% of eligible members (viz. 2020 members who are aged 18 or above) is required
Background: The lack of nominations for President and Vice-President at the 2020 AGM means that we cannot function as an organization under the rules of our constitution.

The purpose of the meeting is to either:
(1) receive nominations for President and Vice President and confirm their appointments, or,
(2) failing (1) above, to consider other options for the future of the club.

I would be delighted to receive nominations or expressions of interest for President or Vice-President before February 21.

Peter Searle
Bendigo Orienteers