Successful day at State Relays

There were originally 4 teams entered for the State Relays at Plenty River Gorge, but after a couple of injuries, 3 teams took off from the start

All 3 teams placed in the top 2 of their category. Dave, James and Toph won Course 1, Laurina, Warwick and Jim came 2nd in Course 2, and Andrew Cameron, Mark Hennessey, and Jimmy won Course 3


Results – Rocky Rises

Course 1
Nigel McGuckian 36:23
Paul Leicester 37:53
Warwick Davis 39:06
John Wilkinson 39:56
Rob Clark 48:10
Charles Brownridge 57:02
Andrew Wallace 66:05
Jenny Ball 91:45
Des Claxton 104:50
Course 2
Lawrie Edward 28:57
Terry Davidson 30:21
Rowan Goffin 32:57
Peter Forbes 35:49
Katherine McMillan 36:34
Harm Van Rees 38:28
Vivienne McMillan 45:09
Michael Brench 53:17
Mark Webster 54:86
Steven Brench 55:30
Lorraine Leversha 57:33
Nola Juniper 57:33
Zac McDonald 57:54
Henry Cameron 80:20
Course 3
Jason Carter 37:09
Katie Wilson 44:19
Ian Johnson 47:47
Bob Leicester 60:32
Anne Jackman 69:26
Annie Claxton 95:58
Course 4
Judy Fitt 19:56
Kaye McGregor 37:23

Next Event: Rocky Rises, 28 September

It’s Grand Final day, so we’re starting early. Come out for a run and get home before kick-off. Starts 11.00 am – 1.00 pm. Closure 1.45 pm latest. Full details here.

From Olympic Parade Maiden Gully, turn into Rocky Rises Rd and travel for approx 800m. Assembly area is on the right. Park safely along the side of the road.

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Results – Mount Korong

Ah, Korong. Where the hills are steep, the boulders are big, and red shoes do not help you go faster.

I suspect that it’s not just me who has a love-hate relationship with this large chunk of granite. The rock and I have unfinished business – it owes me one more successful run before we’re even, Yup, three DNFs over the last 7 years; two of those through incompetence and exhaustion, and the last because of an unseasonal heat wave (and exhaustion). This Rock gives no quarter.

Initial results are up on the results page, or click HERE. Yours truely isn’t up there yet (yes, I did successfully finish this tme), because I omitted to register with the SI thingie before heading out. Reminder to everyone: dip your SI Stick and select your course at the Registration table before you start. It makes life a lot easier for the results person.

Korong 2013

Next Event: Mt Korong, 21 September

Directions: From Inglewood travel West on Calder Hwy for 7 kilometres. Turn right into
Kurting-Boort Road. After 8.6 k turn left into Wedderburn-Serpentine Road. After 6k turn
right into Mt Korong Reserve and take the right option at the first road junction inside the
park. Follow the park road north and across the north of the park and south again to
assembly area – about 5 kilometres from gate.

Club Relays

2013 Winners photo 2013-09-14_144050.jpg

Winners this year are Raelee Enjees, Darren Enjees and Leon Keely

Leon and Toph had a battle early on, before Leon moved away for a comfortable win on the 6.7k longest course, Darren finished about midfield on the shorter 3.8k ‘hard’ course, after a tough last few controls with Sequola and Liam, while Raelee had to settle for 2nd place on the short ‘easier’ 2.9k leg, only being beaten by Paul, who normally runs the longest courses.

With such good individual results, this team was always going to be hard to beat

Leons Course Results | Darrens Course Results | Raelees Course Results | Novice Course Results

Place Team  Long             Medium           Moderate         Total
 1     3    Leon     35.26   Darren   43.03   Raelee   34.13   112.42
 2     5    Andrew C 55.33   John W   37.45   Paul L   24.55   118.13
 3    10    Toph     37.59   Sequola  43.02   Sally    45.35   126.36
 4     4    Rooey    46.44   Mark H   37.52   Jack     45.24   130.00
 5     2    Jim      46.08   Roch     35.42   Des      57.20   138.10
 6     7    Andrew W 62.16   Jenny    53.24   Sally    45.35   161.15
 7     6    Leisha   57.14   Liam     43.01   Solomon  79.55   180.10
 8     9    Nic      52.35   Bob L    77.55   Des      57.20   187.50
 .     8    Tavish   DNF     Judy     61.05   Jack     45.24   DNF
 .    11    Julie    82.52   Loraine  DNF     Solomon  79.55   DNF
 .     1    Simon    45.59   Jimmy    33.23   Amos     DNF     DNF

O-Lynx Touch and Results Display used for the 1st time

From TheInvisibleLog (Neil Barr)

A very different (and much improved) local event. Quite a contrast to my last SS event. On that day, I filled out a paper entry form, went to the start, was given a paper map and asked to draw my course. I finished and left before I saw results. Today – rocked up and entered by dipping the SI stick and point at my preferred course on a touch screen. Done. Was then handed a pre-printed PreTex map. After a third of the course I went past the assembly and had people yelling out how far ahead or behind I was. On finish I immediately saw my results on the big screen and watched Nigel’s performance out there and knew he had blown a control before he arrived back to give me a rare 4 second win.

Thanks to Toph and Leon. Leon designed courses that made the most of the now quite old map I made back in 1998. I enjoyed them. Toph set up the radio controls and big screen, and also secured the first Australian use of the beta O-Lynx entry system. Its really a table front end to OE. But it does what OE fails to do – provide a simple easy to follow interface.

Job well done boys!

PS You can see from the photos that some people found it impossible to drag themselves away from the real time result system.
Easy registration photo IMG_1209.jpg

 photo IMG_1212.jpg

 photo IMG_1215.jpg

 photo IMG_1217.jpg

Intruiging results photo IMG_1219.jpg

Back to Browns Reef

All the results are now available for Kooyoora from the results page. Please add your noodles to the Gadget

This week’s event is at Browns Reef, access from Rocky Rises Road, and set by Jack Wigney. Come along and support one of our newest and youngest course setters – he’s sure to challenge the old guard.

Kan you Kooyoora?

Well, it looks like the Noodle Award will have a new home this year. If it wasn’t the technical complexity of Cal Gully, it was the parallel gullies of Mosquito Creek. Had a clean run so far? If you are still looking for an opportunity to create an impressive Noodle of your own, then Mount Kooyoora may well be the place for you.

Travel to Inglewood, turn left towards Kooyoora State Park (just before the lights). Travel through Kingower towards Kooyoora State Park/Melville Caves. Continue 0.5km past the turn off to Melville Caves and take the right-hand turn signposted to Wedderburn. Travel 2.9km and turn right onto a gravel road. Travel 1.3km to the start/assembly area (signposted).