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So you have started orienteering, what next?
Newcomers Brochure 2016

What is Orienteering?
Orienteering is a cross-country navigation sport. Competitors aim to visit a number of control sites using a map and compass.

When are events held?
Bush events are on Saturday afternoons from March to October.You can normally start a course any time between 12.30pm and 2.00pm. For your first event, come early for free instruction.

Where are events held?
The location changes each week around Bendigo. All details including start location and directions are on the Events tab.

Newcomers are always welcome.
Special instruction for newcomers is available from 12.30pm at every event. All you need is comfortable clothing and walking shoes, everything else is supplied.

Do I need to know how to navigate?
Each week there is a selection of orienteering courses. There will be an easy course that follows a combination of tracks, water channels and fences. If you can read a street directory you can successfully navigate the easy course. This course will be about 2 kilometres long.
The moderate course takes you into the bush, but you will be looking for obvious features such as hill tops, saddles and major gullies. You will generally be close to roads or fences. This course is about 3 kilometres in length.
There will also be two hard courses designed to fully test your navigation skills. These are 4 and 6 kilometres in length.

Do you have to be fit and fast?
No. If you are capable of walking through the bush you are capable of doing an orienteering course. Some people choose to run around courses. Others choose to walk briskly, or to take a leisurely stroll. The choice is yours.

Are there any age limits?
No. The Bendigo Orienteering Club has regular orienteers aged over 75 and under 8.

Do I need any special equipment?
No. Come dressed for a walk or run in the forest. The Club can lend you a compass. Maps are supplied as part of the event fee. Eventually you might decide to buy your own compass.

Is it hard on the body?
Running can cause overuse injury. Bush running is easier on the knees because impacts are less intense than bitumen or concrete impacts.

Does anyone get lost?
No. Everyone will at times be unsure where they are on the course. Working out where you are is one of the skills of the sport. No-one has ever been properly lost at the end of the day at one of our events.

How much does it cost?
This is a sport that is gentle on the pocket. Newcomers first event is free. Course 5 is free to everyone.

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