Results 2020

DateEvent NameEvent TypeResultsSplitsTBT
26-Sep-20Bendigo Shorts 1 - Myers Creek, 1-2pm 30 entries ONLYFoot orienteering
26-Sep-20Bendigo Shorts 1 - Myers Creek, ENTRIES CLOSEDFoot orienteering
19-Sep-20Bendigo Bush Classic 23 - Mt KorongFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
12-Sep-20Vic Spring 3 / Bendigo Bush Classic - Mt AlexanderFoot orienteering
05-Sep-20Bendigo Bush MapRun, Bullock Track - no chargeFoot orienteering
29-Aug-20Bendigo Bush MapRun, Sedgwick North - no chargeFoot orienteering
22-Aug-20Bendigo Bush MapRun, Prince of Wales - no chargeFoot orienteering
15-Aug-20Bendigo Bush MapRun, Sedgwick South - no chargeFoot orienteering
08-Aug-20Bendigo Bush Classic 18 - Mandurang Sheepwash Diggings, CANCELLEDFoot orienteering
01-Aug-20Bendigo Bush Classic 17 - Peter the Great GullyFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
30-Jul-20Koolamurt - Girton MilwardFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
29-Jul-20Koolamurt - Girton FrewFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
28-Jul-20Koolamurt - Girton AherneFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
25-Jul-20Bendigo Bush Classic 16 - Tappit Hen (Tarnagulla)Foot orienteering
23-Jul-20Koolamurt - Girton RileyFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
18-Jul-20Bendigo Bush Classic 15 - Pilchers BridgeFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
11-Jul-20Bendigo Bush Classic 14 - CrusoeFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
04-Jul-20Bendigo Bush Classic 13 - Birds ReefFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
27-Jun-20Bendigo Bush Classic 12 - Smiths Reef Foot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
20-Jun-20Bendigo Bush Classic 11 - Diamond Hill SouthFoot orienteering
13-Jun-20Bendigo Bush Classic 10 - One Tree HillFoot orienteering
30-May-20Bendigo Bush Classic 9 - Kalimna ParkFoot orienteering
24-May-20Vic Relays POSTPONEDFoot orienteering
23-May-20Bendigo Bush Classic 8 - Wildflower DriveFoot orienteering
16-May-20Bendigo Bush Classic 7 - Virginia HillFoot orienteering
09-May-20Bendigo Bush Classic 6 - Lyell ForestFoot orienteering
02-May-20Bendigo Bush Classic 5 - Diamond Hill NorthFoot orienteering
25-Apr-20Bendigo Bush Classic 4 - LockwoodFoot orienteering
18-Apr-20Bendigo Bush Classic 3 - Pilchers Bridge NorthFoot orienteering
29-Mar-20Training - Royal GeorgeFoot orienteering
28-Mar-20Cancelled - Bendigo Bush Classic 2 - Mt AlexanderFoot orienteering
27-Mar-202020 Bendigo Primary Schools Orienteering Championship CANCELLEDFoot orienteering
22-Mar-20Korong Spur line course trainingFoot orienteering
22-Mar-20Korong Spur corridor trainingFoot orienteering
21-Mar-20Mount Kooyoora TrainingFoot orienteering
21-Mar-20Bendigo Bush Classic 1 - Mt KooyooraFoot orienteering
27-Feb-20Newbridge NetballFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
16-Feb-20Bendigo ToDay CANCELLEDFoot orienteering
15-Feb-20Bendigo ToDay CANCELLEDFoot orienteering
02-Feb-20Fowl and Fizz, AGMFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
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