We encourage regular participants to become a member of Bendigo Orienteers (which includes membership to Orienteering Victoria.

Membership for 2024 is $35 for seniors and $5 for juniors (20 years and younger).
Apply for membership through Eventor.

One benefit of membership is that you are able to purchase SI Cards through the club. These come in different types, each with their advantages and disadvantages. For further information, and purchasing, contact club member Jim Russell. Prices are as follows:

  • SIAC – (New) $120 (2nd hand) $70
  • SI-Stick 9 – $60

How to enter events:

1. Create an account

Go to, select the first option and then follow through the process. When you get to the “Join orienteering club or casuals group”, Select Orienteering Victoria > Bendigo Orienteers (or Casuals Vic if your not ready for Membership yet)

Please create an account for each person who will need a map.

IMPORTANT: Please add a name and phone number as emergency contact

You only need to create an account once.

2. Enter event

All Bendigo events are here:

Now you can click on the event you would like to enter and select your course from the drop down box.

Please enter each person who will need a map.

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