Bendigo To-Day, Heathcote

The site for this years’ To Day events were the streetscape and local bushland at Heathcote. Big Thanks to Jim and helpers for putting on a great double event, including linking it into the Heathcote Community Games. This meant that the event was highlighted to the locals with several participating in a Come and Try option on Saturday evening. A follow-up event will be on next weekend too.

The sprint on Saturday included portions of the health centre precinct and the local primary school before heading down through the town centre to the sports fields. Plenty of route choice options were on offer and careful attention to gaps between buildings and fences meant the difference between good and average times. The Sunday Hagaby started along McIvor Creek before climbing into the rising ground to the east with some controls placed amongst the showground and other buildings. Portions of the A and B courses lead orienteers further up into the hills for some loops amongst the steep and scrubby forest. The 2 map courses also meant that orienteers retraced their steps across the rocky ridge line before descending to the final leg into the finish.

Course A attracted 27 competitors for both days, with a further 7 participating on Saturday or Sunday only. This course was won by visiting British orienteer Ralph Street, separated by just seconds from local Leon Keely in a close race. Simon Uphill (OHS) also placed well, with Natasha Key (MFR) best placed female over the two days in 14th.

Course B attracted 15 over the two days, but a further 16 ran either Saturday or Sunday only. Aston Key (MFR) dominated in both Sprint and Hagaby, well ahead of second place Even Fossum (BKV), with Andrew Cameron (BGV) in 3rd. Best female was another visitor from the UK, Kitty Bray in 5th just ahead of Leisha Maggs (BGV).

Course C saw a smaller field with 9 participating on both days and a further 11 who ran on either day. Sarah Davies (DRV) won ahead of Karina Cherry (BGV), with third place taken by the first male Dennis Mews(BKV) a couple minutes ahead of Magnus Fossum (BKV).

The event attracted about 85 orienteers in all with 31 Bendigo club members participating. Several others were present as spectators or helpers at some point. Well done.

Don Cherry

Pat Jaffe

Pat Jaffe on his way to 3rd place in the Sprint

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