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O-Lynx Touch and Results Display used for the 1st time

From TheInvisibleLog (Neil Barr)

A very different (and much improved) local event. Quite a contrast to my last SS event. On that day, I filled out a paper entry form, went to the start, was given a paper map and asked to draw my course. I finished and left before I saw results. Today – rocked up and entered by dipping the SI stick and point at my preferred course on a touch screen. Done. Was then handed a pre-printed PreTex map. After a third of the course I went past the assembly and had people yelling out how far ahead or behind I was. On finish I immediately saw my results on the big screen and watched Nigel’s performance out there and knew he had blown a control before he arrived back to give me a rare 4 second win.

Thanks to Toph and Leon. Leon designed courses that made the most of the now quite old map I made back in 1998. I enjoyed them. Toph set up the radio controls and big screen, and also secured the first Australian use of the beta O-Lynx entry system. Its really a table front end to OE. But it does what OE fails to do – provide a simple easy to follow interface.

Job well done boys!

PS You can see from the photos that some people found it impossible to drag themselves away from the real time result system.
Easy registration photo IMG_1209.jpg

 photo IMG_1212.jpg

 photo IMG_1215.jpg

 photo IMG_1217.jpg

Intruiging results photo IMG_1219.jpg

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2 Responses to O-Lynx Touch and Results Display used for the 1st time

  1. Nigel says:

    Agree, brilliant effort. Great course and it would have been exciting watching me drop behind??

    • Neil Barr says:

      Actually, I didn’t look and didn’t know till you told me. But other glued to the screen would have known. All in the interests of a good story.