Space Racing 1 – A Resounding Success

Bendigo Orienteers 2015 Space Racing Series has begun with a resounding success on the Whites Ruins map near Maiden Gully during Saturday afternoon. It was very pleasing to see a mix of both some space racers from last year’s events, as well as some new kids and families. A great little bunch of youngsters were super keen to take off as the mass start got underway just after 2:00pm. With 30 minutes to find as many checkpoints as possible the kids raced off in three directions heading to their different first controls. The score format and various route choices meant that each team was able to decide which way they thought suited their team best. With twenty checkpoints to find there was plenty of excitement as the teams worked their way around the map.

Reportedly, “the pack out front, full of a dozen kids, was all laughter and excitement as they ran around the controls. I heard parents say it was great too!”

A big thanks go to Darren and the whole Eenjes family who were able to accommodate the combined events, with a bit of effort placing some extra controls just for the Space Racing (and marking tape on some vague tracks so no one got lost!) the two separate events worked very well together! This event has very successfully demonstrated how our Space Racing and Bush Classic events can be integrated. Keep an eye out for our next Space Race at Spring Gully on August 1st.

Space Racing goes bush

Space Racing goes bush

Richard Goonan.