State Series 6 – Kangaroo Flat

Competitors in State Series 6 enjoyed beautiful weather and excellent courses on a brand new map on the outskirts of Bendigo. There was a great turnout for what was originally planned as a Bendigo local event, with many people taking on the challenge of course 1-2.

Runners were treated to a new map by Neil Barr, who had also set courses for the day. It’s amazing to think that an area of such complex technical gold mining has sat unused so close to the centre of Bendigo for so long. Look out for when the next event is on here!

Six people arrived at the assembly area looking very relaxed, having arrived by train. While public transport to events is common in some countries overseas, this was a novelty for bush orienteering in Australia. To encourage people to take the train, one free entry was on offer to a train traveller. Congratulations to Pam King, and we hope you enjoyed your journey.

Space Racing also happened in the Botanic Gardens, with teams of primary school kids zooming around with their parents on a score course. See Space Racing for results.

Thanks to all the Bendigo club members who volunteered and helped the day run smoothly.

Results are HERE Splits are HERE       NEXT WEEK: Kangaroo Gully.

Clare Brownridge, Organiser

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