A day of orienteering at Sedgwick

A day of orienteering was enjoyed by over 100 people at Sedgwick. The event was a combined event with the 2nd Victorian Secondary School’s Orienteering Team selection trial taking place in the morning and the regular bush classic event taking place in the afternoon. Jack Wigney, a junior Bendigo Orienteer, was course setter for both events and was assisted by Nigel McGuckian. The pair provided challenging courses that were enjoyed by all.
The 6.7km Course 1 was hotly contested with first place taken out by elite orienteer Bryan Keely (Bendigo ) in a time of 37.26 minutes. Melbourne’s Bruce Arthur ran a time of 39.02 minutes placing him in second position with Richard Goonan (Bendigo ) coming in third with a time of 47.20 minutes.
Andrew Cameron (Bendigo) completed the 5.6Km Course 2 in 44.53 minutes placing him in first position. Don Cherry (Bendigo) was less than three minutes behind in 2nd position with Ian Davies (Dandenong) rounding out the top three positions.
Course 3 was very popular. Uringa’s Dave Lotty was the clear winner running the 3.4 km course in 48.40 minutes. His nearest rival was Bob Cameron (Bendigo) who came in second with a time of 53.12 minutes. Junior Bendigo orienteer Zac McDonald showed that he is a talent in the making placing 3rd with a time of 53.37minutes.
It was a battle of the Bendigo juniors with all top three positions being taken out by club members with less than 4 minutes separating them. Henry Cameron came in first with a time of 29. 56 minutes, Amos Walz 2nd ( 32.26 minutes) and Solomon Cameron took third place with a time of 33.22 minutes.
Melbourne’s Torren Arthur flew round the 2.3 km Course 5 with a winning time of 16.57 minutes. His nearest rival was new junior Bendigo orienteer on her first bush classic, Isobel Byrne with a time of 25.14 minutes. Another Bendigo junior, John Steer placed third with a time of 31.49minutes.
The Secondary Schools Selection trial saw Bendigo well represented with a number of J Squad members placing in the top three.
The Junior Boys ran a 3.4km course and was won by Bendigo’s Michael Loughnan in 32.39 minutes. Hot on his tail was Aston Key (Melbourne) in 33.34 minutes with another Bendigo J Squad member, Jimmy Cameron cementing his third placing in 35.26 minutes.
Bendigo’s Caitlyn Steer powered her way around the Junior Girls 3km course in a winning time of 32.49 minutes. Sarah Davies (Dandenong) ran 35.45 minutes to place 2nd and Alice Bills (no club) came in third with her time of 38.52 minutes.
Senior boys ran a 5km course. The winning time of 26.55minutes was posted by Matt Doyle (Central). His nearest t rival was Bendigo’s Louis Cameron (35.45 minutes) followed by Peter Collins (Bayside) in 36.16 minutes to come in third.
Leisha Maggs (Bendigo) continued her winning form placing first with a winning time of 39.15 minutes in the Senior Girls 4.7km course. Asha Steer (Dandenong) was second (40.45 minutes) with Sequoia Weitman (Central) placing third with a time of 1.18.12.
For the keen orienteer, the Queen’s birthday long weekend will provide plenty of action close to home. Bendigo Rocks – Mt Tarrengower will be held on Saturday 8th and the 7th Victorian Bush State Series event will be held at Maldon/Newstead on Sunday 9th.

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Sally Wigney

Dry feet, Dream on!

(A report from Toph who is training in Sweden)

One could ask why someone would pack their bags for 3 months, spend 26 hours straight of traveling and arrive in a country where there is no chance of going for a run without getting your feet wet. Well on Monday the 28th of April that’s what I did, I boarded a plane bound for Stockholm.

When I arrive in Stockholm my first stop was Lidingö Island, the home of the Swedish club IFK Lidingö OK, the club that Bendigo’s own Evan Barr runs for. On arrive at Evan’s house in Lidingö, the ‘Toorak’ area of Stockholm, I was greeted at the door by a Italian, soon I meet a Norwegain, Hugarian, Irish man and then Evan came home from work. Soon I found out that this yellow, house full of some of the best orienteers from around the world was famous though out Sweden due to an article in a recent edition of the ‘Skogssport’ magazine. So after a catch up with Evan, a couple of runs and a snow storm it was time to move on because Tiomila was fast approaching.

Tiomila or 10mila, is a 10 man relay that is held around the start of May every year, is the biggest relay in Sweden and it was the first race on my list. I had found out just before that I left Australia that I would be running the 15.6km 9th leg for my club OK Norlaskogsarna. Whether this was a great choice for someone that hadn’t been to Sweden for 8 years remained to be seen. Running the 9th leg of the relay meant that I was going to be able to get a good night sleep. Getting to sleep though was made a bit harder as Australian Julian Dent ran his team IFK Lidingö OK into the lead at the end of the second leg. Needless to say that I was a little be excited to see how the race went throughout the night, but off to sleep I went. 5am or so I was up to watch the end of the race where Julian’s team came in second (watch video below), then not long later I took off for my run which involved a map that was A2 in size which I could have used it as a small blanket on the deceptively cold sunny morning.

Next stop was Sävedalen, a suburb of Göteborg. Where I would catch up with yet another Bendigo local, Leon Keely. Still struggling with a knee injury from Easter I proceeded to enjoy some pool running at the local pool, this wasn’t too bad as the weather for the week was pretty average. When I did get outside it wasn’t long before I was put through the paces of navigating in Swedish terrain on a contour only map! 3 controls in I was thinking ‘yeah this is going aright’, control 4 was another story as you can see from the gps tracks.

That leads me to where I am now, Örnsköldsvik, the home of my club and also where our Australian WOC team coach, Tom Quayle, lives. While here I have just been training, helping put out controls for club event, and trying to get used to the northern Sweden mapping style, which consistently baffles me time and time again. The mapping style here is quite different due to the huge amounts of rocks on the map is definitely not representative of what is on the ground, and this is weird, real weird. Never the less we push on and keep learning.

So where to from here you might ask? Early June I head to Norway for some World Cup races, before heading to Finland for Jukola (Finland’s biggest relay), then off to Italy for some preparation for the World Champs incase one of the other blokes decided to hurt them self.

Anyway in the words of the Swedish hejdå!


PS. Wet/Dry feet run count.
In the forest: Too Many vs 1 (the run was on the top of a hill and it hadn’t rained for a few days)
On the forest tracks: about half/half
On the road: Boring who would do that!
Sunny/cloudy/wet, rainy/snowy days: 5/7/14/1 at best estimate!

Historic Kangaroo Gully re-run a success

Bendigo Orienteers Bush Classic 6 in Kangaroo Gully saw a strong field of local and regional orienteers competing on an outstanding “classic” course that had been first set in 1996 for that years Victorian Championships. Proving to be every bit as tough today as it was when originally contested, no competitor could beat local club president Jim Russel’s original winning time for the full 17km course. Despite their best efforts, top place getters Bryan Keely (1st), Bruce Arthur (2nd) and Matt Doyle (3rd) couldn’t match the consistency of Jim’s original race time across the eleven and six kilometre loops. A solid run by Bruce Arthur, who first ran the course in his early twenties, saw him take six minutes off his previous race time.

The shorter six kilometre second loop of the original course was very well contested with 34 starters. Place getters Jim Russell (1st), Louis Cameron (2nd) and Lanita Steer (3rd) managed to navigate a tricky technical course ahead of good performances by local juniors Lachlan Cherry, Tavish Enjes and Lisha Maggs. On the short course, junior runner Asha Steer (1st) managed to hold out against the experienced navigators Laurie Edward (2nd) and John Chellew (3rd). Local junior Jack Wigney showed good form on course four to win against Mason Arthur from Melbourne and local club mate Henry Cameron. It was also great to see novice competitors Joanne Cherry, Melissa Matheson and Tiffany Mccullough enjoy the event which offered a great range of courses for all skill levels.

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Richard Goonan

Light rain didn’t deter orienteers

Light rain didn’t deter orienteers from exploring the relatively newly mapped Upper Crusoe area of Big Hill during the fifth event of the Bendigo Bush Classic series on Saturday. More than 70 competitors raced on courses ranging from the 2.6km novice loop to the 7.6km route featuring hard navigation and a particularly challenging long leg through the bushland.

Australian representative Bryan Keely, from Bendigo, led the way on the tough course one, finishing six minutes clear of junior world championships team member Matt Doyle, from Central Highlands, with Bendigo’s David Brownridge in third. Dandenong father-daughter combination Martin and Lanita Steer scored the quinella on the 5.8km course two, ahead of Bendigo young gun Louis Cameron. Cameron’s younger brother Jimmy cleaned up on course three, completing the 3.3km in 24.50 minutes, with Matt Jackel and Will Toy filling out the top three.

It was a good day for the extended Cameron clan – Reuben Cameron came up trumps on course four, punching the finish control 44 seconds ahead of Henry Cameron. Veteran Merv Bendle, from Dandenong, was third. It was good to see some new faces out in the bush on course five, with primary students Charley Harris and Declan Ives teaming up to finish first, with Annie Claxton second.

The event provided several of Bendigo’s younger orienteers a final run before the Victorian secondary schools championships at Hawkestowe Park in Melbourne on Friday.

In other news, two Bendigo club members are headed to Sydney this week for gruelling endurance runs through the Blue Mountains. Craig Feuerherdt will take part in The North Face 100 – an epic 100km trail run – and Darren Eenjes will tackle the challenging 50km course. Both races start and end at Katoomba on Saturday and feature spectacular scenery as runners descend through the Great Dividing Range and then climb back up to the finish line. We wish them both well.

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Raelee Eenjes

A cold, but sunny autumn weekend

On a cold, but sunny autumn weekend, Bendigo Orienteers competed on the intricate contours of Lyell Forest, with courses set by Julie Flynn.

Bryan Keely showed that he is coming back to form, with a convincing win on course 1, while Craig Feuerherdt and Jim Russell fought it out for the minor placings. Laurina Neumann put in a solid time, to be the fastest woman.

Louis Cameron showed consistency, with a win on course 2, with Brett Houlden having one of his better runs, beating John Wilkinson for 2nd place. Don Cherry showed son, Lachlan, how to do it, with a comfortable win on course 3, with one of Bendigo original members, Daryl Fleay rounding out the top 3

On course 4, Jimmy Cameron showed everyone that a clean run can get you results, easily beating Jarrod Martin and Reuben Cameron, who took out the minor places. Young Solomon Cameron showed his older brothers, anything you can do, I can do also, with a close win over John Steer, with newcomer, Oliver Martin making up the podium.

Tio Mila

While we were all tucked up in bed Saturday night, 3 of Bendigo’s top Orienteers, were getting ready for the biggest Club relay in Sweden, Tio Mila. Running for their Swedish clubs, Evan Barr (Lidingö) and Leon Keely (Sävedalens) ran the long (17k) night leg, starting at 1:30 in the morning, while club mate, Toph Naunton was running the slightly shorter, 15.6k morning leg for his club, Nolaskogsarna.

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Jim Russell

Directions to/from Lyell Forest South 3 May 2014

Travel out from Bendigo through Strathfieldsaye. Continue to the Axe Creek Catholic Church where you turn right. Drive 3.5km along Axe Creek Rd to Patons Rd where you turn left. Continue for 6km to Doles Rd. Travel south along Doles Rd for 4.9km and follow the orienteering signs to the assembly area. Park as directed.
DO NOT attempt to drive out the way you drove in. Doles Rd is too narrow for vehicles to pass.
On leaving the assembly area after the event, follow directions south along Doles Rd and along McLeods Lane to Kellys Rd.
To Bendigo: turn right at Kellys Rd , then right into Myrtle Creek Rd. Follow this road into Strathfieldsaye.
To Redesdale: turn left into Kellys Rd and right into the Bendigo Redesdale Rd. At Redesdale, travel south to Kyneton.

Golden Sandshoe

Thank you to everyone who took part in today’s event that was run in fine conditions on the Clinkers Hill map, Castlemaine area. Participants had to collect as many controls as possible in one hour. 20 points per control less 10 pts per minute late. The area consisted of part goldfields bush and part rural streetscape. Solomon Cameron won the Golden Sandshoe and gets to set next years event (with help from his dad Andrew). 2nd was Glen James and third Tavish Eenjes.

Three people managed to get all 22 controls under the time limit and for a max of 440 pts (Jim Russell 56 min, Craig Feuerherdt 52 min, Bruce Arthur 50 min. Three other people managed to get all controls but over the time limit Simon Rouse 66 min, Neil Barr 75 min, Paul Leicester 73 min.

Thank you to the people who stayed behind to help collect controls.

The main thing is that everyone enjoyed themselves and participated in the spirit of the event. Points below are in order of total points with details and age factor handicap.


The Winner, Solomon Cameron

The Map

John Wilkinson

Bendigo Orienteers compete at Smith’s Reef

Bendigo Orienteers chose the Smith’s Reef forest between Maldon and Castlemaine last Saturday for their third Bush Classic event of the year. David Brownridge set the courses and made good use of a mixture of open fast terrain and low visibility wattle regrowth for the harder courses. Many competitors came from Melbourne, Ballarat and further afield for the first of two days of Orienteering near Castlemaine.

Bryan Keely showed great form to win 7.1km Course 1 ahead of Chris Naunton and Duncan Coombs, with Jasmine Neve the first female finisher on the course.

Young locals, Louis Cameron and Nic Cherry were beaten into first place on course 2 by veteran Jim Russell. This course was very well contested with 23 competitors.

Jimmy Cameron put in a blistering run on Course 3 ahead of Don Cherry and Andrew Steer.

Henry Cameron hit form to take out Course 4 ahead of Serryn Eenjes and Reuben Cameron.

Course 5 was won by Merv Bendle ahead of Chris Bendle and Angus Jones, just ahead of sister Greta.

It was great to see Ross Slater and Andrew Jones return after long absences from the sport. Hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future.

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The Course Setter, with his helpers on the day

Charles Brownridge

Race 2 of the Bendigo Bush Orienteering series

Race 2 of the Bendigo Bush Orienteering series was held on Saturday, out the back of the Quarry Hill Golf Course. Course setter, Peter Forbes made good use of the terrain, with courses crossing the road into the Diamond Hill forest.

Toph Naunton, who won the 1st race, had to settle for 2nd place behind Brodie Nankervis from Tasmania, while Bryan Keely, on his return from injury, filled out the top 3. Laurina Neumann had a good battle with Lanita Steer, before pulling away to be fastest women.

On Course 2, it was once again dominated by the younger brigade, with Lachlan Cherry out classing his club mate, Louis Cameron, with Adrian Perry having a one of his better runs for 3rd place. While on Course 3, Warwick Williams showed the young guys, how it is done, only just beating Jimmy Cameron, with Glenn James in the final place.

On the easier course 4, Fergus Selkirk-Bell recorded his first win, holding out Jarrod Martin and Jan Baxter, who filled the other 2 places. It was a Family affair on the easiest course, with the Alston Family taking account of Solomon Cameron, and the consistent Joanne Cherry.

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Jim Russell

A great start to the Orienteering Season

A great start to the Orienteering Season with the opening course being set just North of Eaglehawk by Warwick Williams. 74 competitors of all ages and abilities from around the State turned up ready to kick off the weekly Bendigo series.

Chris Naunton has kicked off the start of the season with good form and speed, easily winning the 7.1 km Course 1 from Richard and Ben Goonan who amazingly tied in second place. This follows Chris’s state victory last weekend at Mt Baw Baw.

Youth lead the way in course 2 with Louis Cameron (first) and Lachlan Cherry (third) separated by Rob Lewis, being too fast for the more experienced Don Cherry and John Wilkinson. A fast finishing Darren Enjees couldn’t bridge the gap opened up.

Michael Loughnan continues to improve and stamp his presence in the shorter course 3, accounting for Lawrie Edward and Barry McCrae.

Reuben Cameron made a return in course 4, holding off the very slick Raelee and Serryn Eenjes. (Serryn is currently ranked number 1 in Australia for under 10 girls).

Sally Wigney performed well in course 5, tipping out Joanne Cherry.

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Andrew Cameron