March 11 2017
Course setter: John Wilkinson

Today’s training course was held on old mining and bush terrain in Golden Square. Hot and dry conditions and challenging courses provided an enjoyable exercise for a small group of old and new competitors. Thanks to those who came and those who helped collect controls at the end (Peter Forbes, Jenny Ball, Terry Davidson, John Wilkinson). We were packed up and headed for home by 3 pm.

Course 1. 4 km
C. Feuerherdt 24.38 min
J. Cameron 26.10
A. Cameron 31.45
T. Radford 34.28
L. Maggs 34.38
W. Williams 37.01
S. Collins 41.16
T. Davidson 55.55
P. Lohmeyer-Collins 58.05
K. Liley 57.29 dnf

Course 2. 3 km
M. Loughnan 22.07
D. Eenjes 28.55
A. Radford 30.56
V. McMillan 35.37
J. Baxter 36.21
J. Carter 36.35
J. Ball 41.27
A. Walz 45.34

Course 3. 2 km
H. Carter 19.49
N. Brunner 22.08
S. Davidson 26.33
L. Cleary 36.13 / 17.10 (2nd run)
I. Johnson 43.23


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