Bridges of Mandurang

Autumn has arrived, and so has the Bendigo Orienteering season. Mandurang was the setting for the 1st event this year, with a feature of the map, the Coliban Water channel, that the Course Setter Peter Forbes had to ‘bridge’ in a couple of places, so contestants didn’t get there shoes wet.

Craig ‘Fleet of Foot’ Feuerherdt, was to fast for the rest of the field on the 7.2 k course 1, putting more than 3 mins into Ben Goonan in 2nd place, with Simon Rouse (Dandenong Ranges) rounding out the podium. Lachlan Cherry showed us some of the form that we saw at the To-Day, easily winning course 2 by more than 5 mins. So good was his K rate, he would have placed 4th on course 1. Young Jimmy was the only one able to break the Cherry trifecta, with Nic Cherry in 3rd, just 14 secs quicker than his Father. Leisha Maggs showed a clean set of heel to her competitors, getting around the course, 4 mins behind Don.

On Course 3, Warwick Williams was the ‘Trophy hunter’ taking out all comers by nearly 9 mins. Peter Hill was his closest competitor, with young Rueben Cameron taking out 3rd place. Serryn Eenjes won the ‘close one’ just edging out Katherine McMillan, and Raelee Eenjes. There was less than a min covering these 3 girls. The Group of Sam/Mark/James had a easy win on course 4, with the young boys, Ben English just edging out Lachlan Feuerherdt for 2nd place. Jan Baxter wasn’t far behind, was the best of the Girls.

Course 5 saw the Adams sisters challenge each other, with Hannah getting the edge over Claire by 11 secs. Newcomers, Rob and Shirley Fisher did well at there 1st event, getting 3rd place. They even went out again, this time on the harder course 4, coming in about mid field.

No event next week, as the Australian 3 Days are on in Canberra. We wish all Bendigo competitors the best of luck at these Championships.

Results are HERE Splits are HERE Win Splits are HERE. Next Bendigo event is the Golden Sand-shoe.

Jim Russell

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