Black Crow Nominations

Note: As the custodian of the Black Crow archives I reserve to right to keep the names of the people nominated for BC’s in 2016 in the locked Black Crow Vault. They will be revealed at the official Club Presentations late in the year.

Black Crow 1. We’ll call this fellow Horace. He was at an event at Mt. Korong. Having finished packing up his car he was trying to decide the best way to turn the car around on the (very) narrow track. After a close inspection of the verge he decided, although rather thick sand, it was firm enough to do the full U turn and come back onto the track to exit.
Half way through the U turn he discovered that the sand wasn’t firm enough!! Lucky for him there were still some other people there!

Black Crow 2. This happened on a Friday and looks at the definition of “next”. Two men were arranging a meeting: Man 1 we will call ‘Fred’, Man 2 ‘Felix’.
Fred e-mails Felix on Fri 12 Feb and arranges a meeting for next Wednesday, 24 (as quoted in the e-mail); Felix says great, we can meet at my place – next Wednesday (sadly missing the ‘24’ bit). Felix contacts a couple of other people and passes on details of the meeting on next Wednesday (17th). So one other person rolls up to Felix’s place on the 17th — but that’s all –no meeting, but a pleasant chat. The next day rather terse e-mails were exchanged between Fred and Felix and all was revealed!
For using ‘next’ when it wasn’t the next, a nomination to Fred.
For not reading the e-mail properly and missing the date, a nomination to Felix.

Non Elite National Rankings for 2015.
The following Bendigo members were ranked in the best top ten of Australian orienteers in 2015 (note that this doesn’t include elites):
M10 Lachlan Feuerherdt 1
M10 Luke Feuerherdt 8
M16 Jimmy Cameron 6
M16 Glenn James 8
M35 Craig Feuerherdt 1
M65 Tony Radford 4
M70 Peter Searle 10
W12 Serryn Eenjes 3
W60 Alison Radford 7

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