Results – Mount Korong

Ah, Korong. Where the hills are steep, the boulders are big, and red shoes do not help you go faster.

I suspect that it’s not just me who has a love-hate relationship with this large chunk of granite. The rock and I have unfinished business – it owes me one more successful run before we’re even, Yup, three DNFs over the last 7 years; two of those through incompetence and exhaustion, and the last because of an unseasonal heat wave (and exhaustion). This Rock gives no quarter.

Initial results are up on the results page, or click HERE. Yours truely isn’t up there yet (yes, I did successfully finish this tme), because I omitted to register with the SI thingie before heading out. Reminder to everyone: dip your SI Stick and select your course at the Registration table before you start. It makes life a lot easier for the results person.

Korong 2013

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One Response to Results – Mount Korong

  1. Jim Russell says:

    Results are now official. For those who couldn’t download in OE, you only have a time, no splits