Bendigo is going back to the Bush

The first of Bendigo Orienteering’s Bush Series events is taking place this Saturday the 19th between 12:30 and 2:00pm. Whether this is a warm up for Nerrina the following day, or maybe part of a day out in Bendigo to be combined with the Marilyn exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery or the Bendigo Craft Beer Festival.

Whatever your motivation, make your way up the Calder to experience the relaxed nature of orienteering around Bendigo. As a special treat we are putting on cooler weather. Currently a pleasant 22 degrees is predicted.

Directions from Centre of Bendigo: From the fountain at the centre of town take Mitchell Street towards the south east. Continue to follow as it turns into Carpenter Street, turning left into Spring Gully Road. Continue following Spring Gully Road south, it eventually turns into Mandurang Road, then Sedgwick Road. At the Mandurang Cricket Ground turn right into Nankervis Road, then after approximately 1 km, left into Pearces Road. The start is on the right after 800 metres.

Peter Forbes

Black Crow Nominations

Note: As the custodian of the Black Crow archives I reserve to right to keep the names of the people nominated for BC’s in 2016 in the locked Black Crow Vault. They will be revealed at the official Club Presentations late in the year.

Black Crow 1. We’ll call this fellow Horace. He was at an event at Mt. Korong. Having finished packing up his car he was trying to decide the best way to turn the car around on the (very) narrow track. After a close inspection of the verge he decided, although rather thick sand, it was firm enough to do the full U turn and come back onto the track to exit.
Half way through the U turn he discovered that the sand wasn’t firm enough!! Lucky for him there were still some other people there!

Black Crow 2. This happened on a Friday and looks at the definition of “next”. Two men were arranging a meeting: Man 1 we will call ‘Fred’, Man 2 ‘Felix’.
Fred e-mails Felix on Fri 12 Feb and arranges a meeting for next Wednesday, 24 (as quoted in the e-mail); Felix says great, we can meet at my place – next Wednesday (sadly missing the ‘24’ bit). Felix contacts a couple of other people and passes on details of the meeting on next Wednesday (17th). So one other person rolls up to Felix’s place on the 17th — but that’s all –no meeting, but a pleasant chat. The next day rather terse e-mails were exchanged between Fred and Felix and all was revealed!
For using ‘next’ when it wasn’t the next, a nomination to Fred.
For not reading the e-mail properly and missing the date, a nomination to Felix.

Non Elite National Rankings for 2015.
The following Bendigo members were ranked in the best top ten of Australian orienteers in 2015 (note that this doesn’t include elites):
M10 Lachlan Feuerherdt 1
M10 Luke Feuerherdt 8
M16 Jimmy Cameron 6
M16 Glenn James 8
M35 Craig Feuerherdt 1
M65 Tony Radford 4
M70 Peter Searle 10
W12 Serryn Eenjes 3
W60 Alison Radford 7

Committee Meeting 22-Feb-2016

The committee held its first meeting on Monday night, with lots on the agenda. The minutes are available on our Resources page:

Minutes Feb 2016

Orienteering Victoria is holding a “Let’s Grow Again” workshop on Sunday 28 February, 3pm – 5pm, Westerfolds Park, Melbourne. If anyone would like to go down and represent Bendigo, please let Julie know.

Bendigo To-Day, Heathcote

The site for this years’ To Day events were the streetscape and local bushland at Heathcote. Big Thanks to Jim and helpers for putting on a great double event, including linking it into the Heathcote Community Games. This meant that the event was highlighted to the locals with several participating in a Come and Try option on Saturday evening. A follow-up event will be on next weekend too.

The sprint on Saturday included portions of the health centre precinct and the local primary school before heading down through the town centre to the sports fields. Plenty of route choice options were on offer and careful attention to gaps between buildings and fences meant the difference between good and average times. The Sunday Hagaby started along McIvor Creek before climbing into the rising ground to the east with some controls placed amongst the showground and other buildings. Portions of the A and B courses lead orienteers further up into the hills for some loops amongst the steep and scrubby forest. The 2 map courses also meant that orienteers retraced their steps across the rocky ridge line before descending to the final leg into the finish.

Course A attracted 27 competitors for both days, with a further 7 participating on Saturday or Sunday only. This course was won by visiting British orienteer Ralph Street, separated by just seconds from local Leon Keely in a close race. Simon Uphill (OHS) also placed well, with Natasha Key (MFR) best placed female over the two days in 14th.

Course B attracted 15 over the two days, but a further 16 ran either Saturday or Sunday only. Aston Key (MFR) dominated in both Sprint and Hagaby, well ahead of second place Even Fossum (BKV), with Andrew Cameron (BGV) in 3rd. Best female was another visitor from the UK, Kitty Bray in 5th just ahead of Leisha Maggs (BGV).

Course C saw a smaller field with 9 participating on both days and a further 11 who ran on either day. Sarah Davies (DRV) won ahead of Karina Cherry (BGV), with third place taken by the first male Dennis Mews(BKV) a couple minutes ahead of Magnus Fossum (BKV).

The event attracted about 85 orienteers in all with 31 Bendigo club members participating. Several others were present as spectators or helpers at some point. Well done.

Don Cherry

Pat Jaffe

Pat Jaffe on his way to 3rd place in the Sprint

2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM has been run and won, with a new committee appointed for 2016.

President: Julie Flynn
Vice President: Nigel McGuckian
Secretary: Louise Hall
Treasurer: Andrew Wallace

Committee members: Alison Radford, Heather Jones, Jacqui Knee, Peter Forbes, Jim Russell, Ben Goonan

Some old faces, some new faces. If you missed out, never fear. Everyone here is a volunteer, offering their time and resources to make our club the best it can be, and we always need plenty more willing helpers to keep things running smoothly. If you’d like to help out in any capacity, no matter how small, please let one of our committee members know. Details on the Contact Us page.

Minutes from the meeting are available here: Minutes AGM Feb 2016.pdf

Virtual Maze-O

Score Course

2015 Club Champions!

Congratulations to all our medalists and club champions for 2015! After another great season of local competition the Bendigo Orienteers End-of-Year Presentations Event  was a great way to celebrate and recognise the efforts of our club members.

(L) Senior Woman's Champ - Leisha, and (r) Junior Girls champ - Karina

(L) Senior Woman’s Champ – Leisha, and (R) Junior Girls champ – Karina

Senior Mens Champ - Ben

Senior Mens Open Champ – Ben

Junior boys champ - Amos with uncle Toph

Junior boys champ – Amos (R), with uncle Toph (L)

(L) Golden Sandshoe winner Jack, and Junior boys winner Harrison

(L) Golden Sandshoe winner Jack, and Sub-Junior boys winner Harrison

Long time active club member Ian receiving gift of recognition

Long time active club member Ian received a gift of recognition and third place medal for Course 3

Two of Bendigo's longest serving members Peter and Peter holding the Bendigo Orienteers OV Rockhopper Champion Club Trophy

Founding members Peter S and Peter G holding the OV Rockhopper Trophy – Bendigo Orienteers Champoin Club again

Three unusual course formats were available on the day for members who were brave enough to try something a little different and the courses proved to be a real test of peoples navigation. Don’t be fooled – even a relatively simple map like Salomon links can be a technical challenge with a bit of imagination in course setting. Participants chose from either a Virtual-Maze-O course, Snake-O-linecourse Score format, or a Super-Scatter-Sprint. Judging from participants feedback, the challenge of these different formats was really enjoyed!

Virtual Maze-O


Snake-O-Linecourse Score

Snake-O-Linecourse Score

Go Explore It Heathcote – presentation of prizes

Last Friday morning I was honoured to present some prizes to participants in Go Explore It Heathcote. The CEO of Heathcote Health was there; Dan Douglass has been an enthusiastic supporter of our efforts to get the people of Heathcote out and active in their community. Also present were the coordinator of the Heathcote Community House, Vicki Forde and Sandra Slatter, who coordinates the Heathcote Community Games in February each year.
This project started many months ago when I met Dan out walking his dog. We got chatting (we used to work together) about his desire to improve physical activity for the people in Heathcote. Our club had just been awarded funding for Go Explore It and the Go Explore It group talked about including Heathcote in some of the activities. Heathcote is a town with entrenched disadvantage and a number of poor health measures among its population.
This year the Go Explore It project has achieved a number of exciting activities:

– A new orienteering map of the township of Heathcote was developed after we obtained LIDAR data of terrain in and around Heathcote, so we could make the base map. Christopher Naunton has done a great job of this map, and Bendigo club members will have the opportunity to run with this map at the ToDay event on 20th & 21st Feb 2016.

– Andrew Cameron, with help from a couple of other club members (including Darren Eenjes and Bryan Keely), organised a number of school based orienteering activities over two school terms at both the primary school and the Catholic primary school in town. He reported great enthusiasm and enjoyment among both students and staff members.

– The Go Explore It project has also developed some curriculum based classroom lessons designed to introduce primary school students to map reading around their environment, thanks to Jenny Ball and Joanne Cherry, who are practicing teachers. These resources meet the Australian curriculum standards and are available for free to teachers to use in their classrooms.

– The Go Explore It Heathcote was set up as a pilot so we could trial a community event in a smaller town before we introduce this to Bendigo in 2016. In order to make the maps available for free and broadly distributed, they were printed in large numbers and made available to the community in the local newspaper, the schools and the community house and tourist information centre. The activity went for 2 months and people were challenged to use the map as they walked, ran or cycled around the town, finding sites and matching photos. A website was developed, and participants were invited to register their answers on the website. We wanted mass participation. Craig Fueurhardt has contributed many hours of planning and organizing to get these things happening in Heathcote.

– Registration on the website was actually a bit disappointing, and we realized that we had made a lot of assumptions in the way that Go Explore It Heathcote was designed and organised. We met with Sandra and Vicki, and learned a few things about the community. As a result there are a few things we are planning to do differently in Bendigo in 2016 when we introduce a larger map reading health promotion activity.

– So, back to the presentation. A mother attended with her six youngest home schooled children. She had gone out with 4 of her children and they had found the largest number of sites. They won a $50 voucher from Sportsco and also a massage voucher from N8 Health for being the largest group to participate. Two other people won prizes. When I stated that we were a bit disappointed at the low participation rate, Dan, Vicki and Sandra all stated that many more people got out and tried it than the ones who registered their results on the website.

– The Go Explore It group has committed Bendigo Orienteers to two ‘Come and Try It’ orienteering events in Heathcote next year: the first ToDay sprint event will have a short novice option for locals to get a taste of orienteering, and on the following weekend, we have been asked to provide a small sample event around Barracks reserve as part of the Heathcote Community Games.

Go Explore It has made a mark on Heathcote and introduced orienteering in interesting ways for the community. I encourage club members to consider volunteering with me in February to help a few locals discover some of the fun and wonders of orienteering.

Julie Flynn



ALL WELCOME (members and visitors) – Bendigo Presentations and End-Of-Year Event @ Quarry Hill Golf Course club rooms.


Will it be Virtually aMAZING? Could there be an opportunity for people with NOODLE skills? Why not come and find out! Expect the Unexpected?

We have dusted off the trophies and have a swag of medals to award our club champions! Its time to celebrate the great effort of all our club members through the year, so come along and enjoy a wacky course and yummy BBQ with us.

Please remember to RSVP FOR CATERING via Eventor (Log in and enter the event here to RSVP)

Your also welcome to join us for a RUN ONLY – that’s fine, but please let us know (email: for run only NO need to RSVP!

See you there, Enjoy!

Rumor has it, there might be something like this? – just a little easier!

Maze Orienteering

Bendigo Presentations and End-Of-Year Event

ALL WELCOME (members and visitors) – Bendigo Presentations and End-Of-Year Event @ Quarry Hill Golf Course club rooms.

If you enjoyed our year of orienteering, why not join us to celebrate on SUNDAY 6th DECEMBER for a run and lunch at Solomon Links!

Orienteering course available from 10:30 to 11:30am

BBQ Lunch 12:00 pm

Presentations 1:00 pm

Please RSVP via Eventor (ENTER HERE) for catering purposes, meat and light refreshments provided, please bring a salad plate to share.

Your welcome to join us for a RUN ONLY – that’s fine, but please let us know (email: NO need to RSVP!

See you there, Enjoy!