Mild and Sunny conditions at Mt Ida

Forty –six competitors ventured out to compete in Bush Classic 14 in mild and sunny conditions at Mt Ida last Saturday on 5 interesting courses set by Steve Doyle. The Mt. Ida map sheet was mapped in 1992 but has not been used for a number of years. As a result a number of minor tracks were over grown but these were identified on the course maps.

Course 1 was dominated by visitors with Kurt Neumann from Queensland winning from Roman Brogli from Austria. Ben Goonan was the first local, coming home in third place.

What followed was a triumph for the Cameron family with Louis and Andrew going 1 and 2 on course 2 followed closely by Nic Cherry.

Jimmy Cameron blitzed course 3 coming in well ahead of the experienced Terry Davidson and Harm Van Rees.

To round out the day, Solomon Cameron came home first on course 4 ahead of Rick McDonald. Newcomer, Andrew McCowan took out 3rd place

Eleanor Williams did well to be first home on course 5, not that far in front of John Steer

Results and splits are on our Results page Check how you are going in the overall standings. Best 10 of 19 scores to count

Dargile Camping area

Rob Clark

Dry feet, Dream on!

(A report from Toph who is training in Sweden)

One could ask why someone would pack their bags for 3 months, spend 26 hours straight of traveling and arrive in a country where there is no chance of going for a run without getting your feet wet. Well on Monday the 28th of April that’s what I did, I boarded a plane bound for Stockholm.

When I arrive in Stockholm my first stop was Lidingö Island, the home of the Swedish club IFK Lidingö OK, the club that Bendigo’s own Evan Barr runs for. On arrive at Evan’s house in Lidingö, the ‘Toorak’ area of Stockholm, I was greeted at the door by a Italian, soon I meet a Norwegain, Hugarian, Irish man and then Evan came home from work. Soon I found out that this yellow, house full of some of the best orienteers from around the world was famous though out Sweden due to an article in a recent edition of the ‘Skogssport’ magazine. So after a catch up with Evan, a couple of runs and a snow storm it was time to move on because Tiomila was fast approaching.

Tiomila or 10mila, is a 10 man relay that is held around the start of May every year, is the biggest relay in Sweden and it was the first race on my list. I had found out just before that I left Australia that I would be running the 15.6km 9th leg for my club OK Norlaskogsarna. Whether this was a great choice for someone that hadn’t been to Sweden for 8 years remained to be seen. Running the 9th leg of the relay meant that I was going to be able to get a good night sleep. Getting to sleep though was made a bit harder as Australian Julian Dent ran his team IFK Lidingö OK into the lead at the end of the second leg. Needless to say that I was a little be excited to see how the race went throughout the night, but off to sleep I went. 5am or so I was up to watch the end of the race where Julian’s team came in second (watch video below), then not long later I took off for my run which involved a map that was A2 in size which I could have used it as a small blanket on the deceptively cold sunny morning.

Next stop was Sävedalen, a suburb of Göteborg. Where I would catch up with yet another Bendigo local, Leon Keely. Still struggling with a knee injury from Easter I proceeded to enjoy some pool running at the local pool, this wasn’t too bad as the weather for the week was pretty average. When I did get outside it wasn’t long before I was put through the paces of navigating in Swedish terrain on a contour only map! 3 controls in I was thinking ‘yeah this is going aright’, control 4 was another story as you can see from the gps tracks.

That leads me to where I am now, Örnsköldsvik, the home of my club and also where our Australian WOC team coach, Tom Quayle, lives. While here I have just been training, helping put out controls for club event, and trying to get used to the northern Sweden mapping style, which consistently baffles me time and time again. The mapping style here is quite different due to the huge amounts of rocks on the map is definitely not representative of what is on the ground, and this is weird, real weird. Never the less we push on and keep learning.

So where to from here you might ask? Early June I head to Norway for some World Cup races, before heading to Finland for Jukola (Finland’s biggest relay), then off to Italy for some preparation for the World Champs incase one of the other blokes decided to hurt them self.

Anyway in the words of the Swedish hejdå!


PS. Wet/Dry feet run count.
In the forest: Too Many vs 1 (the run was on the top of a hill and it hadn’t rained for a few days)
On the forest tracks: about half/half
On the road: Boring who would do that!
Sunny/cloudy/wet, rainy/snowy days: 5/7/14/1 at best estimate!

Bendigo Orienteers compete at Smith’s Reef

Bendigo Orienteers chose the Smith’s Reef forest between Maldon and Castlemaine last Saturday for their third Bush Classic event of the year. David Brownridge set the courses and made good use of a mixture of open fast terrain and low visibility wattle regrowth for the harder courses. Many competitors came from Melbourne, Ballarat and further afield for the first of two days of Orienteering near Castlemaine.

Bryan Keely showed great form to win 7.1km Course 1 ahead of Chris Naunton and Duncan Coombs, with Jasmine Neve the first female finisher on the course.

Young locals, Louis Cameron and Nic Cherry were beaten into first place on course 2 by veteran Jim Russell. This course was very well contested with 23 competitors.

Jimmy Cameron put in a blistering run on Course 3 ahead of Don Cherry and Andrew Steer.

Henry Cameron hit form to take out Course 4 ahead of Serryn Eenjes and Reuben Cameron.

Course 5 was won by Merv Bendle ahead of Chris Bendle and Angus Jones, just ahead of sister Greta.

It was great to see Ross Slater and Andrew Jones return after long absences from the sport. Hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future.

Results can be found on our results page, where you can use Eventor or WinSplits

The Course Setter, with his helpers on the day

Charles Brownridge

Breakfast event 2014 again cancelled!

Our Breakfast event for the 9 Feb has again been cancelled. Professional advice has indicated that it is highly likely that there will be a TFB for Sunday even though a change will be moving through early that morning.

I’m sorry about this but that’s our Summer. I am working on rescheduling the event (with breakky) to later, say early March or whenever would be a good time.


Chicken and Champagne event resheduled

Taking into account the expected consecutive days above 40 degrees over the weekend, Bendigo Orienteers have decided to CANCEL the Chicken and Champagne event that was scheduled for this weekend, 2nd of February.

The event has been rescheduled for the 9th February, same time and place.

Issue 02/14

The weekly e-newsletter of Bendigo Orienteers Inc.

Issue 02/14: 24 January, 2014

Contact (for this publication): Peter J. Creely: (Ph. 5443 1975)

Web site:

Important! If you don’t want to receive the bulletin, or if, at any time, you wish to discontinue receiving it, please advise me by return e-mail and your name will be taken

Web page. Note that you can now read the Bulletin on our web page thanks to some magic wrought by Louise!

There will not be a separate JSquad e-Bulletin this week, but I have a small note for you to put on your calendar: We have Newcomers CATI events on the 1st. and 8th. March, and it would be good if some of our JSquad members could come out and help welcome some Newcomers to the Bush (as they so ably did last year at Rocky Rises). I’ll have more details in forthcoming Bulletins.

A couple of things as 2014 moves in on us: Don’t forget the opening event for the year – details below. And, almost as important, the Club’s Annual Meeting that follows it. It usually doesn’t take very long, so try and be there for it, and give some serious thought to taking on some sort of role. It’s your Club, and it’s your efforts that will decide where the club goes in 2014.

You should have the newssheet from Jim that came out 22 Jan. A few comments:

1. Our first monthly meeting for 2014 on Tuesday 28 Jan – please try and get there, it’s a friendly atmosphere and the room is usually air conditioned. Jim runs a good meeting!

2. Chicken and Champagne event: This is what it was called when I started it about 25 years ago; I thought I’d resurrect it – so, it’s an old bloke’s whim (and maybe even the start of the old bloke’s journey to his second childhood!)

3. The AGM – Jim says it well – read and take notice! Please be there and be part of the Club in 2014. Read Jim’s newssheet.

The first ever meeting of Bendigo Orienteers (although it wasn’t called that then) was held on 7 February, 1977 (so we are 37 years old). Some of the people who were at that meeting are still actively working for the club today!

Note that a Day of Total Fire Ban in the Northern Country Region will cancel the event.

Sunday 2 February, 2014. Chicken and Champagne Breakfast event.

Followed by the Annual General Meeting.

Map: Kangaroo Gully
Start times: Assembly at 7.00 am for a 7.30 mass start

Course Setter: Chris Creely
Comments: This will be a one hour Score format. The terrain is spur/gully with erosion and old mining, and a good track network. I have been assured that the course will not be too technical so come out and enjoy Bendigo bush on what is sure to be a beautiful summer morning. Anyone coming along will have to visit at least three controls to be eligible for breakfast! There will be plenty of orange juice and water as well as champagne.

Bring a chair for the meeting.

Entry: On the day.
Directions from Bendigo: travel out Carpenter Street and swing left onto Spring Gully Rd. just past the cemetery. Continue for about 1 km and turn right into Burns Street. Continue to where Burns St. tee intersects with Diamond Hill Road and turn left. Continue on DH Rd. to the tee intersection with Kangaroo Gully Road and turn left. Look for start after approx. 400 metres. We have used this start area a lot; it’s got good parking and easy to get to.


Next Bulletin 30 January

Successful day at State Relays

There were originally 4 teams entered for the State Relays at Plenty River Gorge, but after a couple of injuries, 3 teams took off from the start

All 3 teams placed in the top 2 of their category. Dave, James and Toph won Course 1, Laurina, Warwick and Jim came 2nd in Course 2, and Andrew Cameron, Mark Hennessey, and Jimmy won Course 3


Club Relays

2013 Winners photo 2013-09-14_144050.jpg

Winners this year are Raelee Enjees, Darren Enjees and Leon Keely

Leon and Toph had a battle early on, before Leon moved away for a comfortable win on the 6.7k longest course, Darren finished about midfield on the shorter 3.8k ‘hard’ course, after a tough last few controls with Sequola and Liam, while Raelee had to settle for 2nd place on the short ‘easier’ 2.9k leg, only being beaten by Paul, who normally runs the longest courses.

With such good individual results, this team was always going to be hard to beat

Leons Course Results | Darrens Course Results | Raelees Course Results | Novice Course Results

Place Team  Long             Medium           Moderate         Total
 1     3    Leon     35.26   Darren   43.03   Raelee   34.13   112.42
 2     5    Andrew C 55.33   John W   37.45   Paul L   24.55   118.13
 3    10    Toph     37.59   Sequola  43.02   Sally    45.35   126.36
 4     4    Rooey    46.44   Mark H   37.52   Jack     45.24   130.00
 5     2    Jim      46.08   Roch     35.42   Des      57.20   138.10
 6     7    Andrew W 62.16   Jenny    53.24   Sally    45.35   161.15
 7     6    Leisha   57.14   Liam     43.01   Solomon  79.55   180.10
 8     9    Nic      52.35   Bob L    77.55   Des      57.20   187.50
 .     8    Tavish   DNF     Judy     61.05   Jack     45.24   DNF
 .    11    Julie    82.52   Loraine  DNF     Solomon  79.55   DNF
 .     1    Simon    45.59   Jimmy    33.23   Amos     DNF     DNF