Victorian Secondary Schools Champs

Do we have great potential in our Junior ranks in Bendigo?!
Here are some results from the Vic Secondary Schools Champs in Melbourne last Friday.
Girls 13B
Amber Holmberg (E’hawk Sec) 1st.
Serryn Eenjes 1st
Caitlyn Steer 2nd (11 seconds)
Megan Bramley (E’hawk Sec) 1st.
Taylor Mackieson (E’hawk Sec) 10
Georgie Hall (E’hawk Sec) 12th.
Karina Cherry 1st
Lily Begg 3rd.
Stephanie Trew (E’hawk Sec) 7th.
Sarah Maggs (E’hawk Sec) 8th.
Lian Jackson (E’hawk Sec) 10
Emily Brown (E’hawk Sec) 11th.
Gemma Holmberg (E’hawk Sec) 3rd.

Boys 13A
Solomon Cameron 2nd.
Boys 14A
Jack Wigney
Boys 16A
Glenn James 2nd.
Henry Cameron 3rd.
Michael Loughnan 5th.
Boys Open
Jimmy Cameron 1st.

Congratulations to everyone who competed!

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