Clinkers Hill

Saturday’s event was held at Clinkers Hill on the south side of Castlemaine in ideal weather conditions. Course setter, John Wilkinson set challenging courses using a variety of terrains including steep gullies and old gold mining areas as well as rural landscapes. For most of the 65 competitors it was the first time they had run using this map,

Many competitors from Bendigo, Melbourne and Ballarat clubs welcomed the central location Congratulations to Bryan Keely, Jimmy Cameron, Henry Cameron, Amos Walz and Shayne (Akira) Hill who won their courses. Women who won their courses were: Lanita Steer, Anita Dowling, Jacqui Knee, Sylvia Murphy and Lillian Maher. Well done to all competitors.

Next week’s event will be at Lyell Forest near Bendigo.

Results and HERE Splits are HERE Check how you are going in the overall standings. Best 11 of 20 scores to count

Jenny Ball

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